Operating Divisions & Subs.

Operating Divisions & Subsidiaries


Scorpius Ingenuity, was established with the goal of innovation, imagination, and inspiration for all. Providing low to no cost graphic constructions to non-profit organizations and to those that are trying to bring their dream into reality. Scorpius Ingenuity is well respected, and we’re honored to represent this division


Co’Neair Designs is originality at it’s best. Having artwork displayed throughout the state of Texas, Co’Neair is quickly becoming a household name and well-respected brand. Everything is made by hand, and there is dedication in each product. Independence Nation proudly promotes Co’Neair Designs

Notice: Currently Co’Neair Designs Should be Considered as a Separated Entity, Until 2020

Quick Knowledge

Independence Nation at its foundation is a conglomerate, a collection of companies. We have three classes of divisions denoted as I, J, and KAM. I Class are the divisions created and founded by Independence Nation, for instance, Scorpius Ingenuity is in I Class. J Class, indicates that the division has been Jointed and is operating as a division in Independence Nation. K Class indicates that the division is Key and is actively an Operating Subsidiary (O-Sub). P Class is for Associate Companies (ACE) & Minority Investments (MI) Both K Class and P Class collectively make the KAM Class.


As an Operating Division (O-Div), Subsidiary, ...

Fully managed and supported website. We’ll have it designed tailored to you, with normal hosting fees cut by up to 65%. Plus, no matter what you decide the hosting fees for the first two months is $4.

We want you to make a profit, that in the the general sense is always the goal. However, some days, weeks, and even some months can be better than others. That’s why as you make profit, every $100 made, we’ll increase your financial support vault by $15, able to be accessed after 3 months or a 1 month of completely no profit. Based on a company’s starting profit as an O-Div, will determine their starting value of their financial support vault.

Hmm… Need a logo or any graphic art? As O-Div you’ll have 3 free credits per month to use Scorpius Ingenuity at your leisure. Credits rollover, but all do expire at the end of the year.

Definitely, this is a given if you need help with promotion on your end then put in a S-10 form for support or a R-4 for relief. Relief, we’ll handle everything until advised otherwise. We’ll handle everything based on communication, as many upcoming events may be unknown to us.

All Divisions classified as J or K, is eligible for up to a 25% discount for Divisions classified as Class I

What's Given

An Operating Division (O-Div), Subsidiary, Gives...

Divisions pay their hosting fee either monthly or yearly, depending on what they chose.

10% of all profit is given to Independence Nation. It is personal decisions whether a Division want’s to give 10% per monthly profit or per year. 

Who doesn’t love taxes? Anyways, a division does not need a separate EIN, which is utilized for filling taxes. Therefore all Divisions in Classes I & J will collectively file with Independence Nation. Those in KP Class , will file respectively.

Any Division classified as Class J, is able to change to Class K and become an Operating Subsidiary (O-Sub).

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