– The Vision

“Providing the vision of opportunity to each person or entity willing to create & innovate”


Notice: Scorpius Ingenuity is now Sovery, all Graphic / Web Design traffic should come here and head to the Sovery tab

What We Offer


We don’t really matter, well kinda. You are the most important focus, and with every project, everything that we do is unique to you, not repeated and templated


It’s an honor. An honor to support, we offer 24/7 support but sadly not 24/7 resolutions. However, we guarantee you we’ll solve your problem, as it relates to us in a timely manner.


Support & Relief are vital partners. The latter, when the load is just too heavy. We help you get things done you might not know how to do or just don’t feel like doing. As regards to Graphics and Technical support that is.

You probably don't know us, you probably never heard of us, you're probably here due to a googling error, but no matter how you got here, just know we're glad you're here